Creation from a vine - the vine divine -


A creation myth, and more -

A long time ago, as told by the ancient ones, a single seed existed in primordial space. The seed germinated and out of it grew a great green vine. The vine grew and grew, stretching and twining through all the sky.

The vine blossomed and bore its fruit. A single gourd fell from the vine, for this was a great mother gourd vine.

The gourd ripened. It fermented, opened and released its seeds. Gourd pulp spewed out everywhere. The seeds from the gourd were the start of all life. From that beginning came all the plants and all the creatures. Its fleshy pulp was then transformed into all the inert features of nature - the moon, the rocks and the stars.

Where is that vine? Where is it now? The vine is still there, crossing the sky. And the vine connects everything.

The gourd that had fallen and gave life rested, growing old and decaying still more. One day, it awoke and looked up from the earth. It wondered whether it really knew ... the truth of where it had come from. It was then that the gourd remembered the vine. It remembered there's more then just the fruit. It remembered it's really a part of the vine of creation.

There is a vine that connects everything.

The vine continues to grow,
and the vine continues to bloom,

and when we really remember the vine,
we are the vine.

- "When we really rememba de vine ... we are d'vine."

This is an actual creation myth, which has been handed down from ancient times. We just dressed it up a bit. I like how our version dances along with a kind of an upbeat rhythm, so that it churns in the mind as indeed great literature should. We may never put out a recording of this, but the words do fit the tune of "The Vine Divine" on our first CD (Refuge in a Gourd). BTW, the title song "Refuge in a Gourd" also contains a bit of ancient gourd mythology. In one section, it recounts the tale of a boy and a girl floating around in a giant gourd shell during a great flood. When the woodland animals tell the two refugee mariners to "dance" together, somehow they end up propagating the species. Go figure.

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