The necessity of lopsided dancing


The North Pole and the South Pole are different sizes and shapes. It's just a matter of chance. People will push and pull. So be flexible, and do the lopsided dance. Bend over, just form the shoulder, but step it lower. Now the other way bends. Dip slowly. Slip lowly, irresistibly. It's the lopsided gourd dance.

It's in Manhattan, West End Richmond and the Latin Quarter. It's in Emporia, Peoria and Honolulu. It's in the planets and the oceans and the distant borders. Everything's lopsided, like me and you ... and you!

Look at the organisms, the mannerisms ... all the isms. All that can be envisioned, spinning to a collision. You've got to move it, got to use it or you're gonna lose it.

The simple wisdom is the lopsided gourd dance!

words copyright 1997, J. Ramsey, from Refuge in a Gourd

Commentary: The gourd shows us the way to be free from cookie cutter living, trying to live up to an idealized geometric that doesn't work.

The natural world shows us what we need to know, as exemplified by the gourd. Take a look at one of those big, round gourds. Does it look spherical? Then look closer. Every gourd is unique, with its own fantastic bumps and blemishes. Every gourd is a little bit lopsided, and we have to learn from that. The world is not a sphere, or any ideal symmetrical shape, any more than the gourd is. Nothing in nature operates like that, and you need to learn how to break that training.

Here at Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra, we recommend a simple regimen of dancing like crazy, every chance you get. Never mind what the neighbors think. If they're not doing it, you must show them the way.

The way of the gourd is the lopsided way. Learn to move in that manner, or you will be thrown off your feet at every turn. There are no straight lines, there are no flat surfaces, there are no geometrical shapes. Imagining that those things really exist is self-delusional, and your delusions will inevitably create many bad feelings and lost opportunities, for yourself and others.

Having a bad day? Get up and dance, ... or just dance. The ancients knew this. Now it must be relearned, one person at a time. Find a way to dance lopsidedly, and you will be free.



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