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• The American Gourd Society - promotes interest in all activities relating to gourds: cultivation, historical uses, gourd show competition, craftwork, and artistic decoration. The links on this page should help you find information and resources that will help you learn more about gourds.



Gourds and Seeds -

• Carolina Gourds and Seed - http://www.carolinagourdsandseeds.com/

• Foothills Farm - http://www.foothillsfarm.com/

Gourd Seeds -

Quarry Farm Gourds - http://www.quarryfarmgourds.com/

• Seedman - http://www.seedman.com/Gourds.htm

Dried Gourds -

• Wuertz Gourd Farm - http://www.wuertzfarm.com/

• Welburn Gourds - http://www.welburngourds.com/

Gourd Crafting Supplies -

• The Caning Shop - http://www.caning.com/


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