Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra
Reviews and Articles.
"They made a particularly flamboyant aural and visual display."
Sue Lense - 2004 Gourd Festival Concert Review Columbus, OH.
2004 Ohio Gourd Show Music Concert Review
" ...the quintet inhabits a hip, artsy corner of pop culture..."
Clark Bustard - Richmond Times-Dispatch
Grow-your-own musical tradition Quintet specializes in plucking performances from a crop of handmade instruments November 27, 2003
"... sculpturally striking and astonishingly tuneful."
Angela Lehman - Rios, Style Weekly
"... mesmerizing and hilarious at the same time. "
Style Weekly
"... there is a deep resonance with the ongoing thrumming of the heart.
Something inside us wakens and begins to jump around.
It is moments like those that life sends tendrils of joy shooting through our bodies.
Through your instruments, melodies and sheer happiness, you lifted many spirits."

Rabbi Jonathan Case - Congregation Or Atid

RIGO performs live sountrack for 'Nanook of the North'
'The Sure Thing' - review by Karen Newton
Orchestra Grew Out of Backyard Gourd Garden - PDF - Nov. 2008
Kathy Dixon - Virginia Farm Bureau - Cultivate Magazine
Musicians Growing Their Instruments This Spring - Feb. 2009
Meet the Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra Marcy Paulson - Suite
RIGO performs at the 2004 Ohio Gourd Show donning the supreme gold hats. A Minnie Black gourd doll made by Minnie Black herself holds court at the front of the stage. Minnie and her Gourd Band were an inspiration to the creation of the Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra.